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We've Moved!

Still offering the same great treatment at a new facility down the street! Come visit us at our new location:

134 Old Ridgefield Road, Wilton, CT 


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

At the Wilton Chiropractic Office


Laser Therapy is clinically proven to reduce pain and restore mobility in just one session. This drug-free, surgery-free, pain-free modality quickly relieves pain associated with:

→    Neck Pain →    Back Pain →    Sciatica →    Arthritis →    Bursitis →    Disc Injuries →    Shoulder Pain

→    TMJ →    Migraines →    Plantar Fasciitis →    Carpal Tunnel →    Sports Injuries →    Soft Tissue Damage →    More...

Vital Health Workshop: Key Methods to Melt Stress 

At Culture Tea, 101 Ridgefield Road, Wilton CT

MARCH 22 AT 6:00 PM

Unwind, relax and detox with Dr. Fastiggi and Culture Tea. Learn effective methods to eliminate stress while sipping detoxifying tea.


Slow the Aging Process: FREE Integrative Health Seminar featuring Dr. Fastiggi 

At Comprehensive Nutrition of Wilton

JANUARY 19 AT 10:00 AM or 7:00 PM -RSVP and choose a session

You can't stop the aging process, but what if you could SLOW IT DOWN? Dr. Thomas Fastiggi joins Comprehensive Nutrition's  Loryn Galardi, MS in a discussion about stress and the mind/ body connection. 

Times change and so does the information that you need to thrive in today's world. Managing stress is nuanced and our understanding of healing has evolved. This seminar will inspire a greater understanding of the following topics:

  • Your body and how it should function 
  • Deeper understanding of the mind/ body connection
  • Moving beyond healing to health & wellness
  • Simplifying stress management 

Dr Fastiggi is a chiropractor, neuro-muscular therapist and in addition to being a yoga instructor is an expert in a broad spectrum of movement and exercise therapies who has been educating people since 1998.  He guides his patients toward optimal health and wellness through individual chiropractic, soft tissue work and therapeutic movement with breathing and mediation. He believes proper structure, proper function are the foundation of Vital Health.

Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation with Dr. Fastiggi OR Free Scoliosis Screening for Your Child

Wilton Chiropractic at Wilton Town Center

OFFER ENDS 2/15/17

Dr. Thomas Fastiggi is offering a complimentary 30 minute consult to discuss his approach, your health concerns, and recommend a specific care plan tailored toward your individual needs. There is no cost or obligation to purchase products or services.


  • Physical Stress is relieved by aligning the body into its PROPER STRUCTURE
  • Chemical stress is relieved by gently balancing muscles, glands and organ function. Correct unhealthy ergonomics via dynamic therapeutic movement that strengthens spinal muscles. This restores PROPER FUNCTION 
  • Emotional Stress is relieved through mindful breathing during healthy movement and meditation. This is the Mind/Body connection required for VITAL HEALTH

Teach your mind the body awareness required to stay in tune with your stress and maintain vital health.

The Effects of Posture, Alignment, and Ergonomics on Health with Dr. Fastiggi

Wilton Public Library


Please join me in what I hope will be a vibrant discussion about health & vitality. Learn how your posture, alignment and movement are inextricably and directly related to your health. Discover how physical, chemical and emotional stress affect your posture initially and ultimately your general health.