Patients and peers alike are raving about Dr. Fastiggi

Dr. Fastiggi makes chiropractic care an art. It is rare to discover a practitioner with his passion of diagnosing, treating and evaluating patients. One of the refreshing things about visiting him is how he incorporates education on making self-improvements through patient specific exercises and lifestyle changes. He is a chiropractor who has evolved to incorporate a holistic approach to his practice. Through just a few visits he helped alleviate my chronic back and hip pain so that I could run; something I was unable to do for a number of years secondary to pain. I couldn’t be more pleased with his treatment!
— Rosemarie Camia, Registered Nurse
Dr. Fastiggi is a gift to the wellness industry. He has deep passion, profound knowledge, and a continual drive to elevate the conversation of what it means to be healthy. He is a dedicated yoga practitioner, a heart-felt leader and teacher and just an overall special guy. As a yoga instructor and student of the body’s systems for over 15 years, I would seek out Tom’s guidance and opinions. He is professional, warm-hearted, and there has never been a time I have known him where he is not steeped in his studies of understanding movement and how to help our bodies heal - and he is always on the cutting edge.

Dr. Fastiggi is not just another chiropractor. He brings elegance and a dimension to his profession.

His interest lies not just in helping people to get out of pain, but it is in educating (really teaching) people how to sustain a life pain-free. He in turn serves by empowering his patients. His contributions to his field are simply what we need more of.
— Tracy Bleier, Teacher and Writer
I have been a patient of Dr.Fastiggi for over 15 years. In that time I have found his experience in the chiropractic field as well as his attention to detail to be extremely beneficial in my healing process.

I have struggled with back and neck pain since the age of 16, when injured in a sporting accident. Through the continued care of Dr. Fastiggi, coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise I have been able to maintain an active lifestyle with minimal discomforts.

I am pleased to have Dr. Fastiggi as my doctor and my friend.
— Stephen T. Gibson, Architect - Age 46