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SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) Chiropractic is the foundation of my approach to health and wellness. This solid base is greatly enhanced by a very specific type of soft tissue work called Neuromuscular Therapy. My blend of these two healing modalities, dating back to 1995, became my scientifically and clinically tested approach which has been “quickened” in the past decade by the broad spectrum of therapeutic movement, breath work and mindfulness. This comprehensive approach is an extremely effective means of removing physical, chemical and emotional stress from the body’s nervous system. My blend of these 3 disciplines delivers better outcomes, faster. Thus, I am not your mainstream, “ 3 times a week for a month, 2 times a week, yadda, yadda, yadda…..” chiropractor. My approach unleashes a patient’s innate healing capacity as well as their ability to thrive once healthy. Are you presently moving away from disease, sickness and injury or toward optimal health and vitality? Once healing has been achieved you can shift the focus toward expressing vitality and optimal health. 

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 How does a chiropractic adjustment relieve physical, chemical and emotional stress? 


The brain perceives physical, chemical and emotional insult as simply “stress”. It does not differentiate and all three are stored in the nervous system. The cumulative effects of stress on your nervous system can manifest in the body’s organs (diabetes, IBS, asthma, heart, kidney & liver disease) skeletal system (misaligned bones), soft tissues (tense or flaccid muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia), as well as diminished mental outlook and concentration/focus. A chiropractic adjustment removes neurological stress by restoring proper structure and function. This is health. An adjustment relieves stress in the sick and strengthens the body’s resistance to these stressful forces in a “healthy” patient. This is vitality. This is why health, wellness and chiropractic are lifestyles, not quick fix, one-trick ponies. 

Your brain, spinal cord and nerves are constantly working in tandem to receive sensory information about your surrounding environment then immediately and reflexively elicit a motor response that allows your body to adapt to the environment. Sensory is input, motor output. We are naturally adaptive organisms. We should have GRATITUDE for this genetic trait. 

Not all of the messages the brain receives are good messages. Bad messages are stored as STRESS. The cumulative effect of elevated stress levels is loss of or diminished function. Think of stress as spyware and cookies slowing your hard drive. There are three types of stress: PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL & EMOTIONAL. 

The circumstance where electrical impulses traveling to and from the brain are impeded by any type of stress is called a SUBLUXATION. SOT is the science that guides me to gently remove a subluxation.  

When your nervous system is in balance with your body you begin to heal faster, then move toward optimal health. I identify where physical, chemical and emotional stresses are block optimal function in the body. Then I remove that SUBLUXATION. 

Most people don’t realize that they experience all three forms of stress, to varying degrees, every day, all day, without exception. 

But I work out…… I sleep 8 hours a night…… I drink green tea.
— Frustrated Patient

Unfortunately, the mere act of getting out of bed engages you in the constant battle of physical stress via the need to stand upright against gravity all day. (Some of us weigh more than others) This constant, subtle, low-grade physical stress makes EVERY HUMAN BEING WITHOUT EXCEPTION shrink and hunch forward as they age. 

Perhaps upon standing up against gravity to dress you apply anti-perspirant before heading downstairs for a cup of caffiene. One might indulge in a breakfast loaded with unhealthy carbohydrates/sugars that are not balanced with a lean protein and healthy fat. These are all subtle chemical insults to the body that accumulate in the nervous system. When there is undue stress on the brain it compromises your health. Maybe your liver begins to produce too much cholesterol. Perhaps the wrong impulses are sent to the pancreas and blood sugar levels are altered resulting in diabetes. We crumple ourselves into a car seats (physical stress) and sit in traffic (emotional stress) inhaling exhaust while you sip caffeine (chemical stress). The United States Department of Agriculture reports that the average U.S. citizen consumes 150-170 lbs of sugar a year. You don’t think that is going to stress your gut and irritate your nervous system? 


Sometimes life is problems and living is solving problems.
— Joseph G. Fastiggi (my dad)

This stands true for your health. Being healthy is a participation activity. It won’t land on your nose one day like a butterfly. You have to have an approach. You have to constantly monitor, update and correct your body like you would a computer or a piece of mechanical equipment.