Meet Dr. Fastiggi


Dr. Thomas Fastiggi attained his B.A. in Communications / Journalism from NYU in 1988. Upon graduation he began working for Burson/Marsteller, the largest P.R. firm in the world. His radical shift of careers occurred in 1992 after sustaining a cervical spine injury in an automobile accident. Despite a variety of traditional allopathic treatments his injuries persisted. At the recommendation of a family member, Dr. Fastiggi visited a local chiropractor and experienced immediate and drastic improvement following his first adjustment.  After completing a 4 week course of care, he was astounded to find that he was pain free and fully functional.  This eye opening experience altered the course of his life and in 1994 he enrolled at the world’s premier chiropractic school, Life University in Atlanta, GA. Motivated to help others as he had been helped he attended classes year round and completed the doctorate program in just over 4 years. 

While pursuing his doctorate he simultaneously attained certification as a Neuromuscular Therapist. Additionally, he attended more than 60 professional chiropractic seminars.  “As soon as I began to studying chiropractic it became obvious that blending the neurological and orthopedic aspects of chiropractic with a deeper consideration of the body’s soft tissue system was what made the most sense.“  In 1995 he was selected to work on a research program studying the effects of cervical adjustments on immune system of HIV patients.  During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Dr. Fastiggi had the "once in a lifetime" experience of providing chiropractic care to athletes from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. 

Upon graduation Dr. Fastiggi accepted an associate position at one of the busiest chiropractic practices in Connecticut and spent his first year seeing more than 300 patients per week. “In school I prepared to build a high volume practice in order to help as many people as possible. My first professional experience taught me that in my heart I wanted to spend more time seeing fewer people to provide a more specific, nuanced type of care that provided better outcomes. This is what truly excited me.” In November of 1999 Fastiggi Chiropractic was established in Stamford, CT. Over the next 13 years Fastiggi Chiropractic evolved into Creating Wellness of Stamford , a holistic wellness center. Initially, he began lecturing with the intention of helping people heal from injury and illness. Over time the concept of thriving toward optimal health was added to the content of his presentations. This pathway led to his discovery of the impact of yoga, meditation and mindful breathing upon healing.  He came to understand that integrating the mind/body connection into the healing process rapidly sped up recovery. 

“I am certain that self care includes the conscious intention of connecting the mind and body. It is the hygiene of living well.”
— Dr. Thomas Fastiggi

Dr. Fastiggi is a born teacher and has spoken about the mind, body, health and chiropractic at more than 60 corporations, government agencies, public schools, universities and hospitals. “As my practice began to thrive I decided to create a company that would reach larger groups of people that were not health conscious in order to teach them how to change their life for the better.” By 2009 Creating Wellness had developed a comprehensive system to grade a patient’s Wellness Quotient (WQ) using physical, chemical and psychological exam findings. He was also conducting Nerve Conduction Velocity studies, spinal ultrasounds, spinal thermography and surface electromyographs (SEMG). 

"Then I got sick."

A rare and severe respiratory infection wiped out most of his 2010. “Sometimes we don’t understand what the lessons of the most challenging times of our lives mean as we experience them. That struggle taught me things about myself that empowered me to move forward in an even better way.” The infection and medications left him weak, out of shape and overweight. He decided to get healthy first.

Dr. Fastiggi turned to chiropractic and his yoga practice to begin his road back to health. He took a technology sales position with Pitney Bowes healthcare vertical and utilized a basic corporate wellness program, similar to those he formerly administered through Creating Wellness, to find a nutritionist and lost 60 pounds in 18 months. “I hated working there but it served a means toward an end. That horrendous corporate experience was my vehicle to properly prepare and plan the launch of Wilton Chiropractic."  Then he was hit with a creative lightening bolt. "It was during a quiet, rainy Tuesday night yoga practice in March of 2013 as I was healing that I realized Wilton Chiropractic must integrate healthy movement synchronized to mindful breathing as an adjunct to chiropractic care and deep fascia work. It just came to me on an exhale." To maintain his sanity in the corporate world he became a certified yoga instructor which led him on a deeper, more spiritual path that stressed a focus on postures and movement in conjunction with mindful breathing techniques. Wilton Chiropractic had it's mind/body connection.  

Dr. Fastiggi grew up in Pelham NY. He is happily married to his wife of 19 years Ann. Together they have a 16 year old daughter Juliana and an English Springer Spaniel named Cooper. They live in Wilton, CT since 2001 where he serves the community his family calls home. Dr. Fastiggi enjoys books (real, not digital), music, travel, wine, meditation, yoga, sports and exercise. He has played the drums for 45 years.